Old projects

Through the years I have developed numerous prototypes. Here you can find links to some of my favourites.

WebXR Exposure Therapy
Speech Intensity
Zen Build
Type Writer - Python App
AR Container Houses Web App
AR Plants app
Parliament gender distribution web app
XR app to explore MRI data
Football AR app prototype
Weather app for Transparent Screen
7 Countries - Neural Net Style Transfer - 4K
Kinect point cloud To HoloLens
PC to HoloLens streaming - Flocking
HoloLens - Prototype - Weeping Angel from Doctor Who
AR Football Prototype
Math effects - A project a day for a week
Lenovo Mirage Solo MRI viewer
Remote controlled face made in Unity for an Arduino based robot
Gaze-contingent Depth of Field for Video Games
ARm prototype
Car garage
HoloLens - Prototype - Map from The Division
Crimson Lights - early development build
Iron Man Simulator
Project Foundation - Gameplay Trailer
AR Container Houses Web App
BSc - Final year project - Physics Engine Evaluation
Augmented Reality Demo
Halt and Catch Fire Opening Sequence Gamified
Realism study
Car Realism study
What if we can use our sound waves to see ?
Robotic hand control
Mountain Bike Prototype
Unity batmobile Tumbler prototype
Blob game prototype
Spaceship thrusters system
Pirate ship prototype: Buoyancy, cannons, cloth sails and wind