Zen Build

Zen Build is a free puzzle game currently available for Android and Web. Slot different pieces together to solve numerous puzzles and enjoy a relaxing music and minimalistic design.

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Quotes from players:

“Best indie game ever saw this game on 9gag and i immediately downloaded it. i rarely give reviews but this one really caught me. hats off to the developer. very easy to play but challenging.”

~ Christiano Nabong (google play)

“Innovative Relaxing 3D puzzle with full rotation control. Have to be a little precise on where a piece goes or it will kinda fling it at the main body and bounce off. Nice physics touch!”

~ Kitty Phipps (google play)

“A very interesting and somewhat challenging game. This really helped me calm myself after today. 11/10 will be watching for updates!”

~ wilcojar000 (gamejolt)