Drop In The Ocean

Interactive installation displayed in the Tribeca Film Festival 2019 and Cal Academy made for Target3D and Vision3.

Original video from Conservation International: link

Original video from Target3D: link

I was responsible for the networking backend development, VR setup process and integration of Captury - a markerless motion captury system.

My client was Target3D and their client was Vision3. Another company that worked on this was MimicXR. Captury, was supplying the markerless motion capture system. I worked very closely with the amazing people working in these 4 companies and the result of our efforts is an impactful social VR experience that educates people about the dangers of Ocean Polution. This experience has already been exhibited in Tribeca, CalAcademy and a few other events.

This is a networked VR experience in a shared space with fully motion-tracked users. It’s developed for the HP Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It relies on the internal inside-out tracking of the headsets. I had to develop tools and usage guides to ensure the headsets tracking is working as a shared experience. I also had to implement Captury integration and world alignment systems.

There are 3 different deployment targets:
- Controller application: A UWP sideloaded app installed on all headsets
- Server: A Linux app that runs on the Captury server computer
- Controller: A Windows app that runs on a tablet that’s used to control the experience

4 users can go through the experience at the same time and they can see and interact with each other and the world around them. The experience takes place inside a large jellyfish installation. Below you can find a few images: