Burj Khalifa

Mission 828 is a VR experience I developed for Inition. It was an absolute pleasure and it's one of my favourite projects to date!

In this experience you play as a secret agent on a special mission to stop a cyber attach. You have to interact with the environment and solve numerous problems in order to succeed. The experience starts slow, but it's designed with a steep learning curve. In no time you'll be climbing Burj Khalifa via special gloves, then use a grappling hook to reach the very top of the tallest building on Earth. There you'll have a few moments to enjoy the view before jumping and opening your parachute.

There are 6 custom built pods with Vive headsets. This experience is situated on the Level 125 of the Burj Khalifa. The app was developed using Unity3D and the 360 3D footage was recorded on-site via drones.

I don't want to spoil this experience for you, so will only provide videos already available on the Internet. If you ever find yourself in Dubai I advise you go and see it for yourself. I can assure you, the reactions in the video are genuine. These reactions are the main reason I'm developing interactive experiences:

This is the complete walkthrough of the experience:

Some pictures of the installation: